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Bujinkan Advanced training 
Tuesday at 20:00 - 22:00 (IL Time)
Bujinkan Israel - Shiki Dojo
Ninjutsu - Budo Tai Jutsu
Moti Nativ's weekly training

Price - 80 NIS
This month: KOTO RYU KOPPO JUTSU, and Awareness through Movement.
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Time: Sep 22, 19:00 - 22:00
סדנא בקטנה - טוגקורה ריו
נחזור על קאטות של טוגאקורה בדגש על השפעות ויסודות של גיוקו-ריו וקוטו-ריו.
תביאו עמכם בוקן, סכין והנבו.
יום רביעי בחול המועד סוכות, 22/9, 19:00 - 22:00.
האולם יפתח ב 18:30.
עלות 120 ₪

תודיעו למוטי צבע (054-333-6882) על כוונתכם להשתתף.
יש להירשם מראש כי מספר המשתתפים מוגבל.
July 17-18, 2021 (Saturday and Sunday)
The Art of Falling II - From Falling to Dynamic Stability
In this workshop, we’ll continue to explore more aspects of the Art of Falling and its connection to Dynamic Stability in our action.
Feldenkrais used basic physics to explain balance and stability: “In physics one distinguishes two kinds of balance: stable balance and unstable balance. The typical trend for unstable balance is to transform itself into stable balance as soon as it is broken.” (A.B.C. Du JUDO, 1938)
Cost: $98
Link for registration: click on "read more"
Fifty years on the path of Martial Arts led me to the concept of Warrior’s Awareness, which has been informed by my experience, combining concepts of the Feldenkrais Method and the teachings of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi in Bujinkan Dojo. I researched the “Synergy of Martial Arts and the Feldenkrais Method”, learning much about Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and understanding the influence of his 30 years as an active martial artist on the development of the FM. The research in not theoretical – over the last 15 years I taught 300 workshops, worldwide, enabling Practical experience of Acting in the changing environment. This is Feldenkrais in Practice.


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December 2013
The Paradox of Unstable Stability
Or Who the Hell Needs Balance?
Moshe Feldenkrais often refers to the unique stability of the Judo Master. He writes: "We are used to hear extolled the extreme “stability” of the Judo expert and it sounds somewhat paradoxical to find the word “unstable” used to describe his action.
On Better Judo
Better Judo is a series of five articles Dr. Feldenkrais wrote
for the Quarterly Bulletin of the Judo  Budokwai Club in London between January 1948 and January 1949.
 “A true secret is still a secret even when it is revealed to all״.
Warrior’s Awareness - The Martial Arts Roots of the Feldenkrais Method
In January, the FGNA Eastern Region sponsored a 3-day seminar that was a unique opportunity for Feldenkrais practitioners to learn skills from an acclaimed Martial Arts master, based on the teaching of Moshe Feldenkrais.
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