Moti Nativ's Method

Forty years on the path of Martial Arts led to the concept of Warrior’s Awareness, which has been informed by my experience, the Feldenkrais Method, and the teachings of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. I learned much about Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais while researching the “Synergy of Martial Arts and the Feldenkrais Method”.
After 30 years of learning and teaching Martial Arts in Israel, France, and England, Dr. Feldenkrais developed his Method of mature learning based on the concept of Awareness through Movement (ATM).

From my desk:

Apr. 12 - 2020
Fighting roots
Moshe’s path as a martial artist started with his activities in the Jewish defense forces (1920-1930), long before Israel existed as independent state.
Apr. 14 - 2020
My visit
When Moshe was 14 years old he chose to journey to (what would become) Israel. He joined the Baranovich group and began the construction of Tel-Aviv. During this time, Moshe was given many opportunities for hand combat.  The Baranovich group was part of the Hagana (the Jewish defense organization)...

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Apr. 27 - 2020
A new lesson
I believe that this book and his content would not be available unless the reality Moshe lived in and his practical fighting experience. Here I would say that Moshe was physically strong man and determined fighter, but for the ordinary person.

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