Practical Unarmed Combat
One Technique system - Small system but paradoxically Big
On-line Workshop with Moti Nativ

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  Moshe Feldenkrais challenged the conventional methods of self-defense and embraced the opportunity to test in practice the soundness of his unique scheme - confining learning to one technique, Hadaka-Jime (“naked hands choke”), which paradoxically provides fundamental skills, and creates options and freedom of action.  
  Moshe designed a speedy way to instruct soldiers in self-defense. The training that he developed for the soldiers became a practical manual that everyone can use. “I devised this emergency course. It provides ‘first-aid’ equipment.” (Feldenkrais, 1942)

In our workshop we’ll look inside the book, Practical Unarmed Combat, and experience Moshe’s concept of survival movements; thus we’ll continue walking beside Moshe on his journey toward creating the Feldenkrais Method.

Learning this one technique through the process according to the Feldenkrais way will enrich every movement teacher and everyone will gain practical tools for personal use in daily activities.
  Date: Saturday, September 26, 2020
Time: 8 - 10 am Pacific Time
Cost: $32
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